mardi 1 janvier 2013

Bent Party review@yeahiknowitsucks

StruKtur – Bent Party

artist: StruKtur
title: Bent Party
cat: Siro440
format: 320 kbps mp3
keywords: circuit bending, noise
label: Sirona Records
StruKtur. Since my former encounter of StruKtur’s impressive work, i simply feel a bit like a kid in a candy shop diving into this Bent Party record! The first party track is truly a feast for noise, electronica, experimental lovers as well as complete weirdo’s. The sounds are maybe a bit harsh but it all serves a greater good: an serious assault on the normal consumption of  music. This is circuit bending without losing touch of the composition. I am not sure how the producer did it but even though it may sounds like one huge live recording of a mad scientist rocking out on highly amplified children toys in a abusive matter, it also feels highly orchestrated. Tones are erupting, deep rumblings are growing holes in the massive sound production while crazy frequencies sing like raped parrots on fire. It is a craziness that  is an absolute party for the noise orientated friends and i feel definitely a bit saddened when this hyperactive soundscape has left my ears.
Luckily for me and the other fans of StruKtur, there is one more party session to enjoy! where the first track was called “party 1″ this one is creatively called “party 2″. It starts of with sounds i would expect to come out of circuit bended tricorder from doctor Spock. Then quickly a deeper layer kicks in and there are sweet melodies swimming in a all destructive harsh environment that seems like a mixture of speeding airplanes and motorboats on acid. The crazy melodies that pop up makes me somehow think of Japanese gameshows and a train that is trying to step on the break. A mad person on a plastic flute twirling around in this giant whirlwind of pure sound! Suddenly when you think it couldn’t get better (or worse, depending on your own trip and taste..) the whole piece gets some comic elements before starting to be squeezed through some kind of electronic blender. High painful frequent sounds are satisfying the party poopers and somehow the sound triggers my puking reflexes. Just like a perfect drinking experience, the music stops at the right time. This was completely different than the former release i have heard, that was perhaps also noise orientated but very psychedelic and danceable. Do check the review and the music over here and here.. But i have to say that this was also definitely something enjoyable and refreshing. Expect no poppy dance music, no flags, party hats and bags of crisps. And don’t expect all your guests to enjoy these party tracks, but fuck em! play it loud and proud!
grab this noise fest at the link down below:

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