jeudi 21 février 2013


Artist: StruKtur
Title: Homecoming
cat: siro578
format: 320 kbps mp3
keywords: techno, noise, hypnotic
label: Sirona Records
I should have written a review about something else, but I have a great excuse to go directly to the hottest and newest release on Sirona Records. My excuse is that it is a release by struKtur!
an artist that has seriously grabbed my attention with his previous work, where highly enjoyable and authentic music came to mind. This artist knows exactly how to set the listener in a trance without the use of cheeky roundabouts. And boy do I have news for you! The newest release by StruKtur delivers exactly what I was hoping for! An total mind-fuck of danceable noise that is raw as fuck! And thank goth, I love it when it is raw as f*ck! StruKtur doesn’t take any prisoners on this album. He simply delivers 5 ultimate killer tracks to completely get your face banged up on.
Every track is called homecoming and basically makes you want to come home in your own head and dance the shit out of your system.
Homecoming 2 is the nastiest, rougher than toughest delivery of a killer track. It destroys, it conquers, it delivers and has the attitude of a gigantic dinosaur that doesn’t take no for an answer. The buildup, the composition, the nasty sounds, the pounding rhythm is simply unexplainable good!  I have said it before in another review and I don’t mind to say it again: StruKtur has the key to another world, generated by rhythmic sounds of pure nastiness.
Homecoming 3 is more hyped up, still incredible tough and makes me long back to the golden days of speed snorting and enjoying dancing while the ankles are breaking. The good thing with speed is that you don’t feel no pain and that means you can break a leg and still keep on dancing. Did I already tell you that this track was hyper and mentally and insanely good?
Well in case I didn’t: it is hyper and mentally and above all insanely good!
The most delightful rhythmic noise that even though the rhythm seems to evolve in something uncontrollable, it sets a trance like sound environment that keeps your head banging like a mad hatter, high on English tea! The sounds are rough, smooth and sexy even! I can’t deny it, this is orgasm material!
After homecoming 3 there is homecoming 4. This starts of as a funky piece of a harsh techno track that is decorated with a beautiful distortion. The pounding rhythm is enjoyable and happy, mad perhaps! This is the ultimate tool to create a party with your junkie friends! Take care of someone else their house while they are on holiday, invite all your crazy friends, the junkies in the streets and the suppliers of good chemicals and open up the speakers to the maximum and play this shit!
This is perfect; the structure of StruKtur is bloody perfect! Again a rage of enthusiasm is taking over my writing skills and my head just turned inwards to enjoy this beat!
homecoming 5 would be a great name for a follow up of the previous tack as they slide into each other like a salami in a condom. This is probably the most chilling out StruKtur is going to get and trust me this isn’t no chill out. The music is more equalized to the bright side and got a contagious old school house vibe to it. Of course it is all mashed in a nice noisy format with sometimes even some clarity in sound to enjoy.  Take a zip of your alcoholic beverage to prevent drying out from the previous taken chemicals and Boing! Here we go again! StruKtur certainly creates a terrific dance party for the people who are fed up with the slick cheeky cleanness of the normal dance music.
It is a perfect combination of original sounds, enjoyable noise and hypnotic rhythms that screams one word: Perfection! Get hooked on this record and start a party!!!
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